We guarantee production and delivery of printed or other material, secured by hologram, according client requirements:

  • Proposal, design and production of master hologram, rolling hologram onto polymer sheeting

  • International registration of the hologram (IHMA)

  • Proposal and realisation of holographic optical elements

  • Delivery of printed material with hologram using applied hot stamp - packages -labels on alcohol, cigarette, pharmaceutical goods, to cosmetics, perfumes, packages with audio-visual bearers of records (cassettes, CD, diskettes...)

  • Production of shrink holographic caps, as a counterfeit-proof form of protection for bottle caps.

  • Production of self-adhesive holographic destructive and also common labels - for electronics, hardware, footwear, clothing, glass, ...(automatic protection against various counterfeiting, guarantee of counterfeit-proof products).

  • Security for official stamp products - debentures, bonds, cheques, stock, credit cards...

  • Production of coupons - entrance tickets, transport tickets, entrance cards

  • Production of guarantee sheets - guarantee of counterfeit-proof!!!

  • Production of infinite holographic motifs in the form of self-adhesive sheets or hot stamping sheets.

  • Production of security destructive holographic seals - non-transferable (can also be numbered)

  • Production of exclusive advertising objects with hologram, publicity material...

  • Rolling holograms onto metal items - e.g. production of commemorative coins with hologram, marking spare parts in the automotive and machinery industries.

  • Recording a hologram onto CD disks - suitable gifts, company presentation, protective bearer

  • Industrial production of printed material with classic and also special types of stamping with various types of sheeting (gold, silver, diffraction etc.).