In an age of high quality copy and software technology as well as financial targets of individual companies to invest in these technologies, it is necessary to deeply consider accessible protection for individual areas of our lives.

   Currently, holography belongs among recognised modem optical methods with a broad spectrum of applications in the most varied fields of human activity. It has attained significance not only in industrial applications, but also in commercial, banking and legislative spheres. Historically, the principle of holography has been a complete record of light waves first described by the Hungarian physicist D. Gabor (Nobel Prize for Physics at the beginning of the 1970s) in 1947. For its development and gradual application, however, holography had to wait until the appearance of modem, coherent radiation sources - lasers in the second half of the 60s and later. Also, thanks to tumultuous development in the past thirty years, holography represents an independent scientific discipline creating a fund for the physical establishment of hologram technical application. Our company has been working on the problematic of using holographic products since 1992, when we entered the Czech market. The company was formed from independent divisions under the name "Bohemia Holography Corporation", which has been working on an entire range of projects containing manufacturer and product protection