• Self-adhesive labels - delivery in rolls or sheets.

  • Common labels - these self-adhesive labels can be adhered to any object (paper, plastic, metal, glass, leather...), they can be removed and adhered to another location.

  • Destructive labels - the principle of destructive labels rests on the fact that when attempting to remove the label, the hologram is destroyed. The entire hologram or part of it remains on the surface together with adhesive, the remains are removed together with the bearing polymer of the label, a guarantee of counterfeit prevention.

  • Holographic sheets applied by hot stamp - machine application in rolls or sheets Hot stamp - application of a hologram by the technology of rolling holographic sheeting with heat into material (hot stamping) enables placement of a hologram on paper and plastic. After application, the hologram perfectly adheres to the surface. When attempting to remove the hologram, the holographic image is destroyed. The technology of hot stamping is possible to use as an official stamp application. Also it is possible to roll holograms onto transparent sheets for special case applications, e.g. onto laminated sheeting (possibility also on plastic). The great acceptance of holograms on metal - Au, Cu, Ag (commemorative coins with holograms, marking of spare parts in the automotive and machinery industry...).